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Welcome to Teacher Training at CodeYourFuture

The Challenge

At CodeYourFuture we believe, as we have always done, that finding professional programmers to deliver our course best prepares our students for professional life by giving them the most up to date knowledge and helping them build a network of developers for when they graduate.
The challenge lies in the fact that we are people who are passionate about teaching but have no formal background in it. We do well using the skills that we have but without some background in teaching we make mistakes both developing and delivering content. The result of this is our students receiving an education that while passionate and caring can miss out on some of the core education principles which would enable them to learn better and thus become developers easier.
These problems can manifest themselves in students not understanding key concepts, struggling with homework or becoming discouraged with the course.

The Solution

In this website, you will find practical sessions that can be delivered to volunteers to teach them about pedagogy, teaching and coaching.
Depending on the audience that you're teaching you may want to pick and choose the modules that you teach from his website. Some are better for new volunteers whilst others are targeted at experienced volunteers.
This is a living document. Expect it to change and grow over time. If you'd like to suggest a module please speak to Chris Owen or open a Pull Request here.

Existing Resources

Useful Resources

Editing this Website

This website is hosted on Gitbook. To get edit access, please speak to a CodeYourFuture Coordinator.